Make an online presence. How you do this is up to you; it can be an Instagram account, a website portfolio, a blog page, a Facebook page, or even a LinkedIn profile. You might choose to create a combination of the above- but the important thing is to have a platform you can update regularly. Balance this with any exhibitions or competitions you do in person; having both a personal and online network will expand your outreach and make your online presence more authentic.

Instagram is an excellent tool for practising artists; not just for putting your work out there, but for discovering other emerging artists, finding open calls and opportunities, and staying in touch with the network of artists you’ll slowly begin building. However, do be aware of becoming overwhelmed with images; be discerning in what you follow and how you engage with social media.

Resources for inspiration and opportunities:

While it is important to have good quality photos of your finished work, one of the most generous and insightful things you can share online is your artistic process. Share photos of sketches and doodles and works-in-progress. Set up a time lapse camera to record whilst you spend a day in the studio, and post the video on Instagram. Update a WordPress blog with some close ups of various parts of your work you’re enjoying/ struggling with. Or perhaps simply write about and post photos of another artist’s work that is inspires you; let your audience know YOU, not just images of finished work.