When applying for grants, residencies and competitions, much of the advice on our Applications page still applies. But with creative applications there are some other elements to consider:

  • Do your research– look at what kinds of artists have been accepted previously, and what kind of work they’ve made for the residency/ project/ competition. Does it inspire you?
  • Seek advice from successful candidates– networking in the creative community is always a good idea, and artists will often be happy to share advice with you if you approach them respectfully and sincerely!
  • Only apply for things you really want. Opportunities are scarcer in the art world than in other professions; sending out blanket applications is even less likely to get results, and will leave you feeling dispirited and drained. If something comes along that sounds like your idea of heaven, put fear aside and give it your all. Succeeding in the art world takes dedication, passion and courage. Have strong faith in your ability and love of the subject and good things will happen.